Knives Currently Available

I have been making one-of-a-kind knives since 2013.  I’ve always loved knives, and when I could no longer work with heavy tools and materials, I began making my own, starting from scratch and figuring out the process along the way.

I use stainless, carbon, and Damascus steel blades. The distinctive patterning of Damascus steel results from the folding/layering process by which it is made. Some of the Japanese blades here are stamped with the number of layers in each. I grind, shape, and sharpen the blades, and, in some cases, add detail to the base near the handle.

The handles are crafted from lengths of exotic woods and, occasionally, bone and horn; for example, the black accents on many of the handles are  water buffalo horn. I use a variety of metals as inlay. The NH chop on the blades is acid-etched.

My knives are functional and meant to be used, and I take great pleasure in knowing they are part of others’  everyday lives.  I am always happy to accommodate requests to see the current collection. If interested, please contact me.

The professional images below are the work of Jorge Rudy Ambrocio, Claremont. I am grateful for his artistry.